Do I need a fireman’s switch installed on a Hayward gas heater?

No, a fireman’s switch is a device installed in a time clock. It turns the heater on 30 minutes after the circulation pump goes on and turns the heater off 30 minutes prior to the circulation pump turning off. This is to allow the water to cool down and not damage the plumbing lines. ALL Hayward heaters have FireTile, which dissipates the heat instantly, so a fireman’s switch is not required.

NOTE: Gas fired heaters should be diagnosed, serviced and repaired by a licensed, trained and certified professional.

What size of heater should I install on my swimming pool?

Recommended Universal H-Series Heaters for Swimming Pools.

Heater Model Pool Surface Area
 112m2 or 1200ft2
H250 70m2 or 750ft2
H150 42m2 or 450ft2

Determine the pool surface area by multiplying the length of the pool by the width. Use the chart above to determine the heater size for your pool.

NOTE: A pool heater should heat the pool, on average, one degree an hour. Once the heater is sized to the pool, stepping up one or two sizes will decrease the time to heat.

CAUTION: If you are replacing an existing heater, the new heater size is limited by the diameter of the existing gas supply pipe. Gas pipe is sized according to BTU’s required. Installing a larger heater than the existing pipe can supply will result in a sporadic or non-operating heater.

Can I convert a Universal ‘H’ Series Heater from natural gas (NG) to propane (LP)?

Yes, Hayward heaters can be converted to use either NG or LP. The heater will require a new gas valve, burner orifices and an air restrictor plate upon conversion. Hayward offers conversion kits through local Hayward authorised service centres.

NOTE: Gas fired heaters should be diagnosed, serviced and repaired by a licensed, trained and certified professional. This includes heater gas conversions.

Why does my sand filter run at a high filter pressure and have a reduced water flow to the swimming pool?

  • A dirty filter may be the problem. When the filter pressure rises 8-10 PSI over the clean starting pressure, it is time to backwash or clean the filter
  • If there is algae in the pool, it maybe clogging the filter, keeping the pressure high. The filter cannot kill algae. Contact your Authorised Hayward Dealer for proper chemical applications.
  • If the filter pressure continues to run high with reduced water flow to the pool, the pump may be moving more water than the filter is designed to handle. Check the flow ratings of both the pump and filter to ensure they are sized correctly.
  • You may have a blocked or plugged return line.

Why does my mechanical suction cleaner hoses get twisted & tangled up like a pretzel?

  • Perform the “Hang Test”. With the cleaner connected and running, hold the cleaner by the hose, below the water line. The cleaner should rotate in each direction, with a pause in between. If the cleaner is turning in one direction only, this will cause the hoses to twist. This is a sign the gearbox may need to be replaced.
  • If the cleaner turns both ways with a pause in-between, place the cleaner on the pool floor. Observe the cleaner. If it now turns in only one direction, there may be a problem with the “Pod”, “A-frame” and/or “turbine” connection. One side may be loose or worn causing it to track in one direction.