The Prowler 920 Robotic Pool Cleaner supplied by Pentair provides a powerful and thorough cleaning with minimal effort so you can spend more time in your pool. Simply plug it in and it goes to work to provide a sparkling clean pool.


  • Cleans and scrubs pool floor, walls and waterline in any pool shape and surfaces
  • Powerful brushing cleans the surface to remove dust, algae and other debris
  • With a long 18 metre lead and large capacity filter cartridge it performs efficiently in all pools from small to large
  • Simply plug it in and turn it on – Plug & Play and fully automated.
  • Using its own power source and internal filtration system it operates completely independent of the existing pump and filtration system. Added benefits are:
    • This leaves the pools system to operate as efficiently as it can and was designed to through the skimmer system
    • Because there is no cleaner using the skimmer suction, the skimmer is left free to skim the top of your pool increasing the pool’s turnover rate, removing more dust and debris from the surface of the water rather than allowing it to drift to the bottom, improving water clarity
  • With two cartridges – Coarse & Fine, you can choose the most appropriate filtration for your pool – leaves only, other debris or fine dust and algae

Warranty: 2 years

Fast debris free water release
User-friendly fast water release mechanism makes removing SX1 from your pool so easy
Active Brushing
Effective brushing and cleaning scrubs away algae and bacteria